Friday, December 21, 2007

Hot sex tips for man and women

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The Three Hottest Sex Positions You Need To Master
"The 'hottest' sex positions are the best sex positions and allow both you and your partner to experience the greatest pleasure..."

The Right Sex Position
"The right sex position is one that allows the woman enough direct clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm while at the same time keeping the man in enough comfort and stimulation (but not too much) to keep going until this can be accomplished..."

How to Find Her G-Spot
Why is the G-Spot so important? The G Spot is the secret to female ejaculation and giving women mind-blowing orgasms

The Female Orgasm
"Searching for the female orgasm? In order to orgasm a woman has to both be in the right frame of mind and receive the right stimulation..."

Making a Woman Cum
"To make a woman cum, once she has learned to cum on her own, and then with you watching, the next easiest way for her to cum is most likely via oral sex..."

Female Orgasm Techniques
"How to make your girlfriend whimper with intense sexual pleasure, like nothing she's every experienced..."

Top 5 Positions for Car Sex
"When you and your wife are far from home, without a hotel in site, use this handy guide..."

Rough Sex
"Why some women love it, why some women hate it, how to introduce it, and how to not go overboard...

How to Have Anal Sex
"She’s more than willing to let you try anal stimulation on her – if you let her try it on you...."

How to Give Oral Sex
"In oral sex, and learning how to give oral sex, there is absolutely nothing like the soft wetness of your tongue to make a woman’s nether regions equally soft and wet..."

Mastering Premature Ejaculation
"Premature ejaculation is a problem with a cure..."

How To Last Longer In Bed
"Sometimes the easiest way to be a great lover is to simply 'last longer'..."

Doggystyle Sex - The Top 10 Positions
"This may not be the "ultimate" position for women searching for an easy orgasm, however many women find this to be a real crowd pleaser..."

How to Get More Blowjobs
Blowjobs - Men want blowjobs all the time, but many women are reluctant to give them. Here are some great techniques to increase the number of blowjobs you get from your wife.

Anal Sex
"Blow her mind with anal sex. Adding a little erotic attention to her backside can reap you a whopper of an orgasm that will have her begging to repeat the pleasure..."

The 69 Sex Position - Why We Like It
"She is sucking his pole, and he is licking the 'pearl zone'..."

Erogenous Zones
"Want to drive women crazy in bed? Learn her secret sex spots..."

How to Get Her to Say Yes to Sex
"Once you get her to say yes to sex, you can become the man who helps her unlock the door to her secret libido..."

The 7 Secrets of Really Great Sex
"Masterton has written most of his books with the female reader in mind (including The 7 Secrets of Really Great Sex), but I urge male readers to be open to his work as well..."

Great Public Places For Sex
"Keep this list handy for the next hottie-quicky that can't wait..."

Let's Talk About Sex
"I know because time and time again I read, watch (on dating reality shows now less!), and hear of women faking orgasms during intercourse so they won’t hurt a man’s feelings. Let's talk about sex..."

Getting Rid of Performance Anxiety
"The cause of performance anxiety, is the obsession and worry over penis size, and the amount of time one can stay erect and then become erect again, has reached epic proportions..."

Masturbation And Ejaculation: Q & A
"You're going learn from masturbation -- During sex, go back and forth a few rubs on her clitoris outside the way she likes, then a few strokes inside, pulling out before you orgasm..."

Can You Attract Women With Pheromones?
"If there was a way to attract women with pheromones, it would be all over world news, so save your money. However, evidence clearly indicates that pheromones exist--in insects at least..."

Masterful Making Out
"Do you need a firmer touch, a softer one? Does your lover grow weak when you kiss her neck, but totally turn off if you happen to kiss her ear?..."

Be Curious About Sex
"Ladies how in the world do you expect a man to know how to hit all the right spots to rock your world when you refuse to take your own equipment out for a test drive?..."

Full Exposure - Opening Up To Your Sexual Creativity...
"The point isn’t to disown the masculine or feminine characters of our erotic identity, but rather to realize we’re hardly all of one piece, and we can’t claim our whole sexual selves if we insist on male and female segregation of our own feelings..."

Weird Sex
How weird can sex get? Read these weird sex laws and find out. Topless fat chicks, penetration with pocupines, confused virgins... Read this article, and forward it to your friends for a few good laughs.

Alternatives to Viagra
There are many alternatives to Viagra. Viagra is tremendously successful at combating impotence. The problem is that it also has serious side effects!

Foreplay: How Much Does She Need For Great Sex?
"When you take to foreplay, remember that each woman will have her own needs. Great foreplay often ends in great sex..."

The Key to Great Sex
"Whether you’re 18 or 80 great sex takes great courage. Why? Because this most marvelous gift, one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer, is one that we take far too often for granted..."

Does Size Matter?
"It's a popular issue, does size matter? just as each man’s penis is unique to him, so is each woman’s vagina. Sometimes the size of a penis isn't as important as it's shape..."

Women's Sex Tips

Sex Positions To Get Things Started
"The spooning sex position isn’t the one for vigorous thrusting, however, even though the couple aren’t facing it can be amazingly intimate ..."

Handjobs - What Every Girl Should Know
"The key to a good handjob is keep it simple with dirty talk and a solid grip..."

How to Have Your First Orgasm
"How to get the best vaginal orgasms..."

Taking Charge of Your Own Orgasms – Part I
"...Two of the easiest ways for women to orgasm during intercourse are either via additional stimulation to the clitoris during intercourse, or finding a way to directly stimulate your G-spot..."

Sex Toys, Sex Positions, & the G-Spot - Taking Charge of Your Own Orgasms - Part II
"...You may have heard about exotic strip shows in foreign lands where women are able to do “tricks” with their vaginas (like picking up coins, or squirting water at patrons)..."

My Vagina Upclose
"So, what does it mean for the whole argument about the vaginal vs. clitoral orgasm?..."

Going Down - The Art of Fellatio
"Ladies, I am taking you where all men wish you would go on your own..."

To Spit or Swallow?
"If you don’t like swallowing then be straight out about it with your guy. If you don’t like the taste then challenge him to play fair and drink his own. I bet he’ll begin to understand your reluctance. Do your best to find out why seeing you swallow up his wad is so very important to him..."

The Clitoral Truth: How a Female Receives Pleasure
"A small and easy to read book “The Clitoral Truth” gets right to the heart of a matter that’s still very confusing to both men and women – female sexual plumbing and how it receives pleasure..."


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